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Starbeck History Artefacts

Starbeck : A huge range of History Artefacts and teaching resources for KS1 and KS2  Primary Schools.

Here at Starbeck Education, we offer a unique, inexpensive and exciting art, RE and cultural artefacts.  Our unbeatable history collection starts at the Stone Age and goes right through to the 20th century.  We offer an unrivalled range of multicultural artefacts including masks, textiles, musical instruments, pottery, carvings, utensils, clothes etc.  Our nationwide reputation for good service, great value and diverse range, gives customers assurity and satisfaction that cannot be matched.

There is no right or wrong answer as to what artefacts to use in teaching.  Our boxes offer an array of products from many subject areas, but Individual items can also be purchased separately.  We find that weaponry, (shields, helmets, arrow heads, armory) coins and jewellery are usually a good starting point, as children seem fascinated with the battle element of history.  “Day in a life” items are also an excellent way to help children understand what an average day would be like for the particular period of study.


Why use artefacts to teach?

The physical aspect of holding, touching and feeling artefacts is a unique experience.  The curiosity that comes with handling objects will give a sense of wonderment, develop questioning, problem solving and triggers the imagination of pupils, which inevitably leads to further discussion.  For children, objects provide a fascinating insight into the past and allow them to develop a deeper historical understanding.  Objects also bring to life concepts such as change and continuity.  It is important to handle religious artefacts such as crosses, books, clothing and religious symbols with care, and to treat them with respect.

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