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Toys Through The Ages Starbox




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A variety of toys played with through time from a Pre-historic Wooden Bison to the popular Snakes and Ladders.

BH_607 Dominoes £5.00  
BH_424 Whip & Top  £5.00  
BH_303 Wooden Bison £10.00  
BH_611 Flip the Frog Game  £8.50  
BH_602 Snakes and Ladders £12.00  
BH_212  Tin Cannon £16.00  
BH_612 Jacob’s Ladder £8.00  
BH_466 Stump Doll  £10.00  
BH_436 Skipping Rope £5.00  
BH_374 Saxon Doll £12.00  
BH_422 Cup and Ball  £4.00  
BH_608 Tiddly Winks  £5.00  
BH_603 Beetle Game  £8.00  
BH_246 Duck on a Bike £18.00  
VK_118 Wooden Viking Longboat £10.00  
BH_613 Wooden Spinner £2.00  
BH_614 Box of Marbles £3.50  
BH_615 Yo-Yo £3.00  
BH_616 Little Book of Marbles £2.50  
BH_617 Wooden Skittles £18.00  
RRP £165.50  
Sales Cost £150.00  


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