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Maya Starbox




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MX_109Mini Stone Metate £10.00
MX_110God of Maize£8.00
MX_117Maya Calendar£20.00
MX_118Clay Maya Beads£4.00
MX_119Chocolate Whisk£9.00
MX_120Maya Basket£6.00
MX_129Painted Bowl & Vase£16.00
MX_131Maya Plaque£12.00
MX_135Flint Millipede£14.00
MX_1412 x Maya Plaques£12.00
MX_186Mini Chacmool£8.00
MX_153Maize Mask£12.00
MX_168Small Serpent Head£15.00
MX_2084 x Amulets£6.00
MX_211Maya Corte Placemat £7.00
MX_260Maya Display Drape£20.00
MX-130Life & Death Mask£14.00
MX-180Jaguar Clay Stamp £15.00
NT_238Cocoa Beans£4.00
NT_480Cocoa Pods x 2£6.00
SA_106Worry People £5.00
Sales Cost£200.00


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