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Knights and Castles

A range of Knights and Castles artefacts and teaching resources to study and learn about Medieval life.

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Castles are a type of home that was built to protect the people inside. People who lived in the castle included lords, who were in charge, as well as soldiers to defend it from enemy invaders, and even cooks and cleaners to keep everyone fed and tidy up. They could be very crowded places to live.

The first castles in England were built by the Normans. Different types of castles developed over the centuries that got stronger and easier to defend; at the same time, different weapons were designed to try to break into the castles and to seize them with greater aplomb. There are lots of castles all over Britain that you can walk around to see exactly what it would have been like to live there, whether you were trying to defend the castle or trying to attack it.