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Victorian Starbox




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A great value box containing a range of original and replica artefacts to bring to life your study of the Victorians.

BH_157Wash Board£50.00
BH_288Candle Snuffer £6.00
BH_196Flat Iron£10.00
BH_299Earthenware Hot Water Bottle £15.00
BH_211Copper Posser£20.00
BH_309Queen Victoria Bust £20.00
BH_125Metal Sign £13.00
BH_479Children's Finger Stocks£10.00
BH_436Skipping Rope£5.00
BH_105Victorian Replica Pack£6.00
BH_123Victorian Entertainment Replica Pack £6.00
BH_366Girl's Bonnet£8.00
BH_216Boy's Cap£8.00
BH_155 Genuine Victorian Penny £2.00
BH_325Weaving Shuttle £15.00
FG_401Union Jack Bunting£9.00
BH_188Victorian Coins£5.00
BH_158Cameo Necklace£3.00
BH_176Original Photocard£5.00

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*All above prices are shown ex. VAT