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Roman Spoon




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 This 10cm long reproduction Roman Spoon is made from lead-free pewter. It is supplied with a full-colour information card that has Roman images on the front. There is also historical information which explains how wealth Romans loved fancy food and also about the design and use of the spoon. The spoon, held in place, and card are supplied in a clear presentation box.

Information: Wealthy Romans loved to eat fancy food and they often threw lavish dinner parties and feasts. Hosting a party was a great way for people to show off their wealth and power. The Romans usually ate with their fingers, but would also use cutlery including knives and spoons.

This long-handled Roman Spoon would have been owned by a wealthy Roman. The spoon has a panther with a small three-branched tree behind decorating the bowl. It would have been used at cult feasts around the third and fourth centuries, most likely associated with the Roman God Bacchus, as the panther was closely associated with him.

The pointed handle would have been used for extracting meat from bones, for the eating of snails or opening and eating crustaceans from shells.



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