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Mexico Explorer Box




ex. VAT

MX_118Clay Beads£4.00
MX_129Painted Bowl and Vase£16.00
MX_168Small Sepent Head£15.00
FG_126Mexico Flag£8.00
MX_119Chocolate Whisk£9.00
MX_127Amate Village Painting£8.00
MX_!48Day of the Dead Bull Mask£10.00
MX_174Day of the Dead Mask£10.00
MX_133Circle of Friends£18.00
MX_189Small God of Maize Idol£8.00
MX_178Maya Textile£20.00
MX_143Chacmool Statue£16.00
SA_106Worry Dolls£5.00
MX_179Maya Sacraficial Plaque£18.00
MX_115Large Triple Mask£28.00
MX_210Ceramic Jaguar Head£28.00
SA_139Cactus Rainstick£6.00
FG_247Mexico Bunting£9.00
Sales Cost£220.00


Contents can vary.



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