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Slavery Starbox




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A great value box containing a range or artefacts to teach  about Slavery, the treatment of slaves, the horrendous use of restraints, punishments and conditions used and the crops grown and harvested during this time.

BH_397 Neck Shackle  £20.00
AF_279 Cotton Branch £9.00
AF_113 Replica Carved Female Slave £24.00
AF_245 Manilla Slave Currency  £12.00
AF_175 Oware Gameboard £24.00
NT_480a Cocoa Pod £2.00
AF_588 Slave Sale Poster  £4.00
BH_402 Leather Bullwhip £20.00
BH_439 Bar Shackles £24.00
NT_238 Cocoa Beans £4.00
AF_137 Slave Ship Plan £14.00
AF_261 Cowrie Shells £3.00
  RRP £160.00
  Sales Cost £150.00


contents may vary



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