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Would You Like To Hire The Van?

If you would like the van to call, get in touch and tell us which topics you are interested in and we will load the van to suit your requirements. Our stock is so varied now that it is impossible to carry every subject in one go. We always have the six main faiths and the majority of history subjects on board, but it is important that you let us know what else you would like to look at.

You can take stock on the day and the school will be invoiced. We can take card, cheque or cash payments for any personal purchases made.

In the course of the year we cover every area of mainland UK. The sales van is a great way to see our products! Click here to see some of your colleagues' comments about the van visit.

If you would like us to attend a training course, or a special event at your school please contact us now on 01530 836111


January 2023

15th January Sheffield
20th JanuaryCoventry
22nd JanuaryWakefield



 If you would like a visit from the sales van, please get in touch and we will sort out a date and time that is suitable for you. Alternatively, you're more than welcome to use our free no obligation approval box service.

To book the van or to enquire when we are next in your area - please ring Kim on 01530 836111

Starbeck products are fair trade, reasonably priced and definitely unusual!

(Purchases from the van will be invoiced on the day of the visit.)

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NB: We do not carry approval, value, explorer & hire boxes on the sales van - we have enough trouble fitting in our regular stock! All these boxes are sent by overnight carrier. Boxes can be viewed here.